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DCA-8000 UX/UI

One of the larger projects I have worked on is the screen and interaction design of the DCA-8000 diagnostic charger, a high-end automotive tester and charger.

The DCA-8000 is a rather impressive piece of equipment. It was invented to merge the functionalities of the classic battery tester and charger into a tool that is able to deep-dive much further into your battery’s state of health. But taking on all the functionalities of what once were various tools in a workshop, meant it also needed to be and feel easy to use.

And that’s where I came in. Together with the engineering team I’ve worked, through scrum sessions, on developing the tool step by step. This included fully understanding the product’s functionalities, developing frameworks, sketching prototypes, testing with end-users and the designing of user interfaces and icons.

UX/UI, Scrum, automotive, Axure, prototyping, wireframing

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